The house needed considerable renovation for us to live comfortably.  Here are some before and after pictures although there were more projects than the ones pictured. We installed a new heating system to replace wood fired one in the basement which could not come near to heating the whole house as we shivered through that first December. There are now three gas heaters. Clyde loves them all.

Here is a list of a few of our other projects:

Now on to the pictures

These are what we called the stairs from hell. They had an 8" rise except for the last one which was 4". Cyla fell down them twice and Eric came down them once injuring his rotator cuff.  In the pix to the left, Eric is standing in what is now our bedroom.

We had to do something, so we moved the stairs, put in a landing, and here they are under construction. Below right is a view of this project completed.

The kitchen originally looked like this. The little window above the sink looked out on to one of the best views in the house. The only time you got to admire the great view was while doing dishes.

We moved the entire kitchen and opened up the whole wall. Of course doing that required chain saws. Have you ever taken a chainsaw to your house?

Construction resulted in sliding glass doors that look like this.

Also a new bay window brings in even more light and has turned a dark kitchen living room into a bright great room.

  This is where the kitchen was. Now that it has been moved and the light shines in the whole area takes on a much larger open feeling. It is snowing in this picture otherwise the view would fabulous.


Of course, the old kitchen area ( now sliders ) and moved stairs were not the only projects. Here is an idea as to where the kitchen went, where the stairs came from and more openings in walls.

This is the beginning of the new kitchen and stairs project. This picture is taken from the original  kitchen area. The stairs where taken out, the hole was covered over and new flooring put down. This was a spare bedroom. Behind the white wall are the stairs from hell. With those covered over and the white wall removed we had room for the new kitchen.





The wall with the diagonal paneling was removed so there would be a pass through counter and again a more open feeling.





This is the opened wall