Other Things We Do

     Not every thing we do revolve around guests and Grandkids. We take our own trips, go to our own battle reenactments and have our own fun.

     Here is a small sample of our other fun.

During any reenactment, (this one is at the battle of Droop Mountain) Cyla can't help herself and must get into living history and educate anyone who comes along



During a trip to Appomattox Court House where General Lee surrendered, we toured the whole town even the town jail. Cyla spent some time there.

Sometimes Cyla can can get a bit carried away when she is "In Period"



We go places like Natchez  with good friends like Jeff and Alice.

During our trip to Petersburg to see the National Park commemorating the siege we came upon a number of interesting sights. 

This mortar was named "The Dictator", but there could be two Dictators in this picture. Which is which  




We have been involved in a local reenactment, the Battle of Lewisburg. Cyla was the Educational Director and we both participated in the educational process.  In 2007 we had around 900 children attend our education day part of the Lewisburg event.


We traveled to Mexico in the beginning of 2008. Here are a few pictures from that trip. Which photo or photos is the subject of Cyla's watercolors shown below?



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     We have both become involved in the arts. Eric has been doing pottery now for about two years.  What was the garage has become a pottery studio with a new kiln and electric pottery wheel. Here are a few examples of his work. Some of his pieces are on display at gift shops in the area featuring local artisans. Things have actually sold, but we are not making a living at it yet.

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     Cyla has taken up watercolor painting. Some of her paintings have sold and people have asked for some had them framed and put them up on their walls. This is a good thing. She has spent many hours practicing, taking lessons and just having fun. Not only does Cyla paint but she gets others involved.

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