Our 2010 National Parks Trip

We decided to take an “American Tour” in June of 2010.  We didn’t quite pack up the station wagon and drive coast to coast, but we did put in about 5000 miles on the ground between car, car rental, tour bus and Amtrak’s Zephyr.  Along the way out we stopped to stay with my niece Lesley and her husband Corey and daughter Sydney in Davenport, IA.  Had an all too brief a visit with my cousin Beth and husband Thor, son Joey and daughter in law Jenny in Boone, IA.  On the return Alice picked us up in Galesburg and we stayed with her and Jeff in Rock Island where we met my sister’s good friend Barbara, spending a day together at the Swedish settlement Bishop Hill.

Between those family bookends we drove a rental car to Rapid City, SD, and picked up a tour bus after giving ourselves a visit to the Badlands.  The bus tour was better than we expected a survey that got us quickly and without stress from one highlight to another across the West.  The accommodations were first class—certainly a treasured memory is staying at the Old Faithful Inn at Yellowstone.  The weather was good, cool most of the time but warm enough for a great float trip down the Snake River.  You can see some of the pictures from the parks in the slide shows.  A surprise to me was the emotional power of Little Big Horn which changed my understanding of that event and the beauty of the Cody Museum.  Most outstanding was Yellowstone National Park.  We do want to return there for a more leisurely visit.

We left the tour in Salt Lake City on a sleeper train that took us, awake, through Utah and Colorado, along the rivers and through the mountains:  Comfortable, good food, easy travel.  We slept through Nebraska and Kansas.

We returned home to find the animals in good shape, the garden in a riot and the camera full of pictures.  There are many more we could share, but here is a sample. Gallery Of Pictures